Tuesday 9 April 2019  |  9-4pm  |  Aotea Events Centre

The Appointment Programme

Pre-scheduled appointments are selected online. The programme facilitates face-to-face appointments between Exhibitors and Visitors - up to 21 appointments over one day of Convene North.

Appointments are a two way stream between the Visitors and Exhibitors. Visitors get to choose up to 30 preferences of exhibitors that they wish to meet with. This is then matched using the EventsAIR meeting matching process which ensures an interactive, fast, efficent and easy to use process, this gives the Visitors first pick on who they'd like to meet with. From there the meeting diary is then opened up to all to enhance your investment at the show

There is also a function of missed meetings where the exhibitor and buyer are able to see missed preferences which didn't fit in the schedules, and offer an alternative time to meet or get in contact with each other.

The online diary gives you the opportunity to make the most of your time at Convene North, the meeting diary coupled with the Convene North App ensures you have a smooth and easy experience whilst attending the show